Sunday, January 13, 2013

Don’t fight it, hide it!

There’s an old saying from Poland that, roughly translated, warns: “a guest sees more in an hour than the host in a year”. Now if you’re anything like me you would have zoned out after the words ‘old saying’, but seeing as it’s barbeque season this one might be worth paying attention to.

Let’s say it’s your turn to host this coming weekend. You’re famous for your skills with a set of tongs, and your partner’s a master at diffusing awkward silences. Everything’s going to be perfect; everyone’s going to be smiling, laughing, having the best time of their whole entire lives.

Pump your breaks my friend - before you go and order a ‘Host with the Most’ t-shirt with your face on it, maybe you should settle into one of the guest’s chairs and have a look around. Chances are you’ll see some things you normally wouldn’t have noticed; a mass of weeds bursting from a cracked paver, or a neglected courtyard corner filled with cobwebs and dog hair. These are the things the Polish of old were talking about, and these things will ruin everything.

We need to do something, but there’s no time for anything serious; it’s back to work tomorrow, and besides, your wallet is still recovering from Christmas. We need a quick fix, and a cost-effective one too.

We need a pot.

The art of hiding a tricky spot with a pot plant is one landscapers have been practicing for ever; it’s quick, easy, cheap, and if done properly looks fantastic. There are a couple of points you need to consider;

  1. Size; make sure the pot will suit the spot, and that the plant you are sticking in it won’t be too small or grow to be too large.

  2. Colour; look at the surrounding walls, floors and features, then work with what’s already there. Choosing a pot for ‘contrast’ is extremely difficult; far better to work with the existing theme.

  3. Weight; especially important if you’re putting it on a balcony. We have many lightweight options for such situations.

  4. Water; pots dry out. Fast. If it’s a sunny spot you should choose a drought-tolerant plant, and then spice up your potting mix with some water crystals.

The range of pots we have at Four Seasons Nursery is insane. All manner of size, shape and style is represented in our giant Pot Court, plus there are a whole host more available by order through our website -

We’ve also got a heap of potting mixes, water crystals, mulch and gravel in store, plus a whole host of pot-suitable plants to fit with any style of garden. Our staff are always more than happy to help you choose, plus we can deliver to anywhere in Sydney. Why not take a photo of your trouble-spot and bring it in? It saves time and ensures you’ll leave with the perfect pot.

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