Sunday, December 30, 2012

A real summer!

We are right in the thick of summer now, and so far it’s actually behaving like a summer, which (aside from blowing everyone’s minds) is generating a rate of growth in the garden we haven’t seen for ages. The mornings are hot and the evenings are cool, giving your plants all the energy they need without burning their delicate new growth. Plus every other evening we’re getting some healthy summer rain, occasionally a storm. Here’s a fun fact about thunderstorms; lightning infuses the falling water with extra nitrogen, making it like steroids for leaves. Keep an eye on your new foliage in the days after a decent storm, you’ll notice the difference.

So anyway with the summer comes summer holidays; most of us have a couple of weeks off now, while school kids and uni students seem to have several years. What a perfect opportunity for everyone to get their hands dirty! You’ll see the results of your hard work growing almost instantly, plus gardening is a great way to work off the inevitable Christmas bloating. If you’re looking for ideas then come see us at Four Seasons Nursery anytime, we’ll be here every day. Holidays aren’t really our thing - our workplace is a giant garden, why would we leave?

When you do swing by make sure you check out our new Homewares and Gifts section; loads of way-past-last-minute Christmas gift ideas, beautifully displayed in air-conditioned bliss. Here’s a sample-
















Plenty more in store!



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