Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grow UP, mate!

Sometimes I imagine people coming up to me and saying “Mike, your  blogs are the best thing about the internet, but I live in an apartment! I wish I had the space to grow more plants, my life is so boring without a garden. Maybe I’ll just go buy some Astroturf and roll that out everywhere.” At which point I start screaming and sweating and, depending on where I am, drawing terrified looks from strangers or exhausted headshakes from my family.

But good news friends, imaginary or otherwise! This week we are talking about Vertical Gardens, the answer to all your urban prayers!

So what’s a Vertical Garden then? Well there are a few variations on the theme but essentially it’s a framework or supportive structure that you fix to a wall, which supports bags or pots of soil you can grow plants in. They work well in any location, but have become extremely popular with balcony owners for the obvious space-saving reasons.

The staff at Four Seasons Nursery have been installing these for a while now, in residential, commercial and institutional settings. We’ve set them up in everything from a full sun backyard to inside a library, using succulents, climbers, annuals, even edible herbs. To call us experts would be an insult; we’re way beyond that now. We’ve even got an information page on our website, and if that’s not proof enough for you then nothing is:

Now to be the best you have to use the best, assuming what you’re best at requires the use of a thing. Vertical Gardening does, it requires Vertical Gardens, and we use products from these upstanding citizens:

  • Wall Garden - A modular pot/trough system that is ridiculously easy to install and maintain. They’ve got a nice little demo video here: [youtube=]

And an instillation guide here:

  • Atlantis - A grid-based modular system that can go as high and as wide as your surroundings will allow. Check out the team at Atlantis setting up a monster (with a funky Latino backing track, nice!) here:[youtube=]

If you’re not sure which system is best for you, or if you’d like some extra information, come in and see us anytime. We’ve always got plenty of stock and can sort you out with the right system for you, plus all the plants and soil you need. Too easy.



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