Monday, February 27, 2012

What to do with all this rain?

Hello to all,

If your anything like me you will probably be fed up with all this rain. All summer long and with no end in sight. However, this doesn't mean that their isn't anything left to do in the garden. Rain may save you some work in the yard, like watering your plants, but it can also create a lot of new work. Below is just some of the many things you can do for your garden during the rain that wont break the bank and when the rain does stop, give you a great head start in the garden so you can start enjoying the sunshine faster.

  1. Mulch - as my colleague Steve pointed out in our last blog, mulching is a great way to retain moisture in the soil. With all the wet weather about make the most of it because as soon as we get a nice sunny day the soil will dry out and it is no good for the plants. This will also help prevent the weeds that are going to spring up after a good rain period. Make sure you use a weed mat for extra protection.

  2. Fertilize - the lawn, the garden or where ever its just a great time to do it. Watering after fertilizing is a good idea to avoid fertilizer burn on your plants and lawn and Mother Nature is going to do it for you for no extra charge. But be careful not over do it. Fertilizer run off is no good for our waterways and our native bushland.

  3. Put indoor plants outside - instead of watering your indoor plants, place them outside. They'll get a good clean from the rain and will reward you with beautiful shiny foliage and the rain water and fresh air  is beneficial to them.

  4. Don't Spray - Even if we get a few hours of sunshine, if it looks like its going to rain then don't spray. Most herbicides/fungicide's and insecticide's need a 24 hour period without rain for results. Its a waste of both time and money because you are going to have to respray later to get the treatments you need.

  5. Plant new Plants - Just after the rain, when the soil is still moist, is a great time to plant your new plants. The soil is moist and the plants wont need to be watered in to much (It's also easier to dig in a moist friable soil). Also if you use a product like Seasol, it will be easier for the plants to take it up.

  6. Visit the nursery - A rainy day is the perfect time to visit the Nursery. There are less people around meaning you get the best pick of the plants and staff can generally spend a few extra minutes with you to discuss any problems or ideas with your garden. Bring your brolly and take a leisurely stroll around the nursery, its one of the best times to see it.

So make sure you've got some good wet weather gear  at home and get on out there in the garden so when the sun does decides to show up for summer you can spend more time enjoying it.

-Happy Gardening-

Matt M


  1. Love all your tips Matt M. I'll be visiting the nursery as soon as it stops raining!

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